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July 2nd, 2005 at 3:35pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Went to Kevins party few nights ago, mad people were there and the cops ended up commin so I dipped. Been working with my dad a lot latley since mazzolas has been closed all week. Thursday, Me and Katie went to dinner at Applebee's for are 8 months then went to Chris A's party and chilled for a lil. Last night Katie had a few people chillen at her house haven some drinks and just hangin out it was straight. Katie didn't feel to good tho so I just layed with her till like 4:30. Today I worked with my dad again, now ima bout to go to my mom's cousin's house for a BBQ and firework display. Can't wait till 4th of July, we have so many fucken fireworks between everyone. We usually start at lik noon and go on till late, in my hood. Dam I wanna skate but i been really busy with all kinds of shiza, but hopefully tomorrow i can shred. I gotta get the STrictly Business DVD's goin sometime soon, a lot of people have been asken me when there gonna be finished prolly this week im definitly gonna hit up Best Buy buy DVD's and make em at Evans. O i almost forgot...I was pullen outta the Mickey D's plaza on taft and i was in the median waiting to go and this old dude pulls up in back of me and slams into my fucken bumper then he floors it. We pull him over to PLE and he comes out of the car and the first thing he says is "You hit me!" and i was like WTF how the hell would that be possible if i was in front of him, and chris is cursing at this old dude, i kinda felt bad since he's old and shit but he kept denying that he hit my car then we look at the mark on the bumper and he's like "thats nothing, im leavin". So this dude jumps in his car and takes off, so we chase his ass to his house and talk to him and his wife, and the dude's denying that he hit me saying that he has problems and shit and telling me that he didnt even see me, So i call the cops and they settle everything and now this dude has to pay for my fucked up bumper...END
- John


305 [Monday
June 27th, 2005 at 5:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Just got back from skaten MIA, today me Jaime, and Evska hit up some spots off the palmetto, first 10 stair gap Jaime wasn't feelin the FS flip so we hit up Taco Bell. Then Mini halfpipe and ripped for a lil and got kicked out by security.  Then we took a trip to the hood, Martin Luther King BLVD. brick banks it was straight, we had a good fun sesh and got a little footage. I'm so freaken excited Katie's comin back tonight, haven't seen my women in like 2 weeks can't wait to see her<3.  Rapids Tomorrow!! Can't wait anyone who wants in give me a holla, were leaven tomorrow at lik  8:45, gonna spend all day ther, good stuff. Ight im out...

- John


June 26th, 2005 at 1:56am]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night was fun, gettin jacked with my boys...good times. First i went to Beverly Hills to hang out with Steve before he left for UCF today, i ended up not eating wasn't to hungry. Then from there i went to the movies and saw Land Of The Dead, it was pretty good and really gory, George A. Romero's movies r great. Then me, spence, tj, chris, vivian, mel, shmo, david, mario, natalie, kim and jaime all went to melissa's chilled for a lil had a few drinks. Ryan and Alex showed up a lil later and chilled for a wile. Then me, jaime, spence, david, tj and mario fogged out David Rivas's car pretty dirty...good stuff everyone was feelin nice..Then we all walked back home. David is so dam funny i think the whole time he was chillen with us he didnt have his pants on just his boxers. That kids hillarious. Today i slept in till like noon which i dont usually get to do cause i always got sumtin goin on in the morning. I went to my dads shop got some stuff done for him since hes out of town and then went to Bryans and watched Momento, most confusing movie ever...ight im out
- John


June 24th, 2005 at 4:40pm]
[ mood | Straight Chillen ]

Summers been good so far...today woke up at 7 brought my dad to the airport then watched Day OF The Dead, cant wait to see Land of the dead which continues from day of the dead. Also i watched Friday, and i went to TJ max bought a shirt and now ima about to go to Steves dinner thingy and possibly see Land Of The Dead later. All next week no work biatches can't wait, i want to skate so bad but my damn tail bone still hurts like hell hopefully i can shred this upcoming week..ight enough bitchen im out...do me a favor and check out the ace website www.aceteam.tk
- John


Back and blacker [Wednesday
June 22nd, 2005 at 12:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Dam haven't updated in age's, im just chillen at the crib waiting for Jaime to get here so we can go to sawgrass mall so why not update my lj...Summers been really good, got to do some good skating and partying.
The ACE premiere party for STRICTLY BUSINESS was fucking awesome everything went great like 70 people showed up. Katie's been gone for lik almost 2 weeks, sucks...i miss her a lot. I busted my ass the other night and fucked up my tail bone, it hurts like hell, i can barely bend over i feel like and old person but it's all good. Everyone go check up on the ACE skateteam's website...www.aceteam.tk, check out some new pics from some of the recent summer events and check out the skateboarding pics and video clips...peace


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